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What's been keeping us busy?


July 29, 2004 - Palms Country Club was the venue for this Heart Circle Meeting. It was announced then, by Dr. Rosario Sevilla, that the incorporation of Heart Circle as a non-stock, non-profit organization was in the final stages. The new logo was also presented. Plans for the coming months were also discussed. Dinner was sponsored by Therapharma.

acls class picture
ACLS Class Picture
March 1-3, 2004: The American Heart Association (AHA)-accredited Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers course and Advanced Cardial Life Support Provider course were held at the 4th Flr. Training Room at Asian Hospital, with 26 and 25 attendees, respectively. The course was organized by Rosario Sevilla, MD. Eight Heart Circle cardiologists joined the diverse group of physicians and nurses - Edilberto Torres, Victoria Turla, Wilmer Lotilla, Cipriano Delos Reyes, Rosita Ocampo, Amelita Brillantes, Dolores Quianzon, and Rosario Sevilla  - and are now  AHA-accredited BLS and ACLS providers. This is the first step towards achieving the aim of becoming AHA-certified instructors. The course was conducted by Operation Smile Philippines.


March 2004


February 24, 2004: First meeting of the year - final announcements and plans for the BLS and ACLS course on March 1-3, 2004 were discussed.  Dinner at Palms Country Club was sponsored by Pfizer Philippines.

August 2003

November 26, 2002:
October 29, 2002: Initial feedback on the use of the report form were discussed. The forms, reproduced with the help Boehringer Ingelheim, were distributed.
September 24, 2002: Final draft of report form was agreed upon and Dr. Wilmer Lotilla took charge of having the form reproduced and distributed among the members.
August 27, 2002: At the meeting held at the Gloria Maris Restaurant, initial draft for the report forms were presented by Dr. Francisco Tranquilino. These were refined further and were set for distribution at the next meeting. Dinner was sponsored by Servier Phils.
July 30, 2002: Heart Circle members met at Outback Restaurant to plan for the next few months. Ideas for projects were discussed and it was agreed to establish a database of patients so that papers can be written and published in the future. Dinner was sponsored by Astra Zeneca.
April 23, 2002: DR. CIPRIANO DELOS REYES updated the group regarding the latest American College of Cardiology GUIDELINES ON PREOPERATIVE EVALUATION. The activity was held at the Amalia's Restaurant on Alabang Zapote Road, with the dinner sponsored by Sanofi-Synthelabo.
February 26, 2002: DR. FRANCISCO TRANQUILINO presented the results of the study on the PHILIPPINE PERIODIC HEALTH EXAMINATION. The dinner and raffle, which was sponsored by Boie-Takeda, was held at the roof top of the Vivere Hotel.
January 29, 2002: DR. ROBERT CASTRO reviewed the different statins in the Philippine market, in a lecture entitled STATINS REVISITED. Dinner was sponsored by Pfizer

August 2002

November 25, 2003:
Heart Circle recently celebrated its Third Year Anniversary, in a meeting held on November 25, 2003 at Palms Country Club. Meeting was attended by Dean Manuel, Robert Castro, Ernesto Chua, Wilmer Lotilla, Rose Ocampo, Amelia Brillantes, Victoria Turla, Dolores Quianson, and Rosario Sevilla. Plans for 2004 were discussed. The patient database is slated to start next year, with the inauguration of the Heart Circle Internet Library at the UPHR Medical Center, Las Pinas. Members are also slated to get their AHA accreditation in Basic and Advanced Cardiac Life Support, plus Instructor status. Dinner was sponsored by LR Imperial.
October 28, 2003: Meeting at Vivere 2nd floor function room (Fournier) 
August 19, 2003: Meeting at Red Crab (GSK)
July 29, 2003: Meeting at Super Bowl of China (Therapharma)
May 31-June 1, 2003: Tagaytay Highlands (Astra Zeneca)
March 25, 2003: Meeting (Pfizer Phils)
February 25, 2003: Meeting at Parque Espana (Boie-Takeda)
January 28, 2003: Meeting (Servier Phils)

July 2003

November 29, 2001:
DR. ROSARIO SEVILLA provided an UPDATE ON HYPERTENSION IN PREGNANCY AND PERIPARTUM CARDIOMYOPATHY. Boie-Takeda provided dinner and raffle prizes during the dinner held at the Amalia's International Cuisine Restaurant.

October 30, 2001: DR. WILMER LOTILLA discussed the MANAGEMENT OF VALVULAR HEART DISEASE IN PREGNANCY. Dinner was sponsored by Servier Phils.

September 27, 2001: DR. FELIPE LORENZO gave pointers on INVESTING YOUR HARD EARNED INCOME: HOW TO MAKE YOUR MONEY WORK FOR YOU. Sponsored by Sanofi-Synthelabo, dinner was held at Nandau Restaurant.

August 30, 2001: DR. AMELITA BRILLANTES presented UPDATES ON THE NCEP AND ACLS GUIDELINES, at a dinner affair held at Mingoy's Restaurant, sponsored by Therapharma.

July 26, 2001: Lecture on EVIDENCE BASED MEDICINE was delivered by DR. FRANCISCO TRANQUILINO at the Saisaki Restaurant, Alabang Town Center. The event was sponsored by Novartis Phils.

June 28, 2001: Lecture on PERIPHERAL VASCULAR DISEASES: DIAGNOSTIC TECHNIQUES AND INTERPRETATION at Nandau Restaurant, sponsored by Merck Sharpe and Dohme. Speaker was DR. PATRICIA AGUNOD-CHENG

April 26, 2001: Lecture on A REVIEW OF ANTI-PLATELET AGENTS at Jade Garden Seafood Restaurant, sponsored by Astra Zeneca. Speaker was DR. ERNESTO CHUA

March 29, 2001: Lecture on CHELATION THERAPY at San Mig Pub, sponsored by Therapharma. Speaker was DR. ARTURO ESTUITA.

February 22, 2001: Inaugural Lecture on MEDICO-LEGAL CONCERNS IN CARDIOLOGY PRACTICE at Via Mare Restaurant, sponsored by Sanofi-Synthelabo. Lecturer was DR. BU CASTRO.

January 25, 2001: Meeting at Saisaki Restaurant, sponsored by Pfizer. It was agreed to hold monthly lectures on topics that interested the members of the Circle.

November 30, 2000: Organizational Meeting was called by Rosario Sevilla at Mingoy's Restaurant, sponsored by Pfizer. The pioneer group of attendees was composed of Cipriano Delos Reyes,  Felipe Lorenzo, Wilmer Lotilla, Divina Ordono, Milagros Remulla, Rosario Sevilla. Edilberto Torres,and  Jose Yazon.

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