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Heart Circle - Pfizer Virtual Library

at UPHR Medical Center



It all started as a dream.


Once upon a time, there was a lonely cardiologist who longed to have conversations with likeminded specialists. So, in  November 2000, she invited to dinner  the different cardiologists practicing in Las Pinas, Muntinlupa and Paranaque  and proposed regular cardiovascular meetings. That pioneer group was composed of Drs. CIPRIANO DELOS REYES, FELIPE LORENZO, WILMER LOTILLA, DIVINA ORDONO, MILAGROS REMULLA, EDILBERTO TORRES, JOSE YAZON, and myself.  PFIZER was there, too, having agreed to feed these hungry cardiologists, both intellectually, and physically.


Since then, Heart Circle has been meeting regularly and has grown from that initial group of  eight to almost 20, and still growing, with about 8-10 present at every meeting. The group has also metamorphosed from simply being a continuing medical education group to one with bigger dreams.


One of our dreams was this Virtual Library, that was so generously supported by Pfizer and the University of Perpetual Help Medical Center. We realized that the physicians in our neck of the woods did not have enough access to the internet and its wealth of information.  We also wanted to embark on clinical researches but realized that we needed a research assistant, an office base, and the IT facilities that would make the job a little easier.  All these are now answered by the new Heart Circle – Pfizer Virtual Library at the UPHR Medical Center.


Dr. Kiko Tranquilino, a member of our circle, and Dr. Miriam Agno, both with Pfizer, served as the wind beneath our wings, lifting us higher and higher until we are now able to see this one dream come true.  I hope that this will be just the first of our many dreams that will see the light of day.


On behalf of all the members of the Heart Circle, I would like to express our appreciation to  Mr. Gerry Bacarro and Dr. Tony Leachon of Pfizer, Drs. Antonio and Daisy Tamayo, and Dr. Francis Cid of  the UPHR Medical Center for being our fairy godparents in this endeavor.  Thank you very much!


(Speech read by DR. ROSARIO SEVILLA during inauguration)

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