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PUSO: The Heart of Every Filipino Cardiologist
About PUSO
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PUSO first came into this world on December 8, 1999 as an e-mail group. Conceptualized as a means of communication among cardiologists in the Philippines, it took its first steps with only a handful of participants. Since then, it has grown and has provided both information and entertainment to its many members.

Coming of age, the time has now come for PUSO to have a home. This home will provide members and non-members the means to contact our members, and to keep abreast with what's going on in the world of Cardiology, Medicine, Philippine society, and the world.


PUSO is in the mind and heart of every Filipino cardiologist.

PUSO was created and continues to live in the world wide web, sustained by the efforts of its membership.

PUSO will be nurtured further so that it can spread its wings and reach even more hearts and minds.


PUSO is the Filipino word for HEART.

The heart is what binds us all together.

We all take pains to learn everything there is about the heart. Keeping up with all the latest information about new diagnostic modalities and current management options consumes us all.

We try our very best to make our patients feel better when they come to consult us for their physical discomfort. We always want them to feel that we care about them and that our manner is always full of heart.

Ultimately, we should also take every effort to ensure that our own hearts are in the pink of health. Relaxing preoccupations and alternative lifestyles should also be undertaken to ensure that we can be fit enough to enjoy the fruits of our labor.

PUSO endeavors to help answer all these needs!