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PUSO: The Heart of Every Filipino Cardiologist
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At last! A forum to post all your musings, ruminations, and meditations. Members are encouraged to send in their materials, announcements, and whatever else they want the world to know.

PUSO is unique in that we have been blessed with so many talented minds. Now, we can share the output of these varied minds with the world. Thoughts of any kind, whether they are profound, esoteric, humorous, or just honest, can now be posted in our Bulletin Board for all to appreciate and enjoy!

Just click the link at CONTACT US and submit your contributions.

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Members' Thoughts

Joel Abanilla has launched his new career as an entrepreneur in Iloilo! He is actively promoting a special Valentine's Dinner at their Convention Center - join them and enjoy that special occasion.
Randy Francisco has assumed a new fashion look! Randy appears to have shed his previous persona - that of a struggling artist, complete with long hair and a full beard. He has apparently gotten over his midlifing blues and has metamorphosed back to his neat and clean-cut ways. Be assured, Randy, that no matter what you do, you will still look good!


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